Background image of wind turbines on a calm sea.


Following feasibility studies, an area in the Celtic Sea off the coast of counties Waterford and Wexford was identified as a potentially suitable location for a wind farm. The site investigation area is approximately 20 km – 40km from shore. This area will be investigated for its suitability for an offshore wind farm.

Map depicting the windfarm and cable route survey areas

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An offshore wind farm is a collection of offshore wind turbines. These turbines harness renewable energy from wind and use this energy to power onshore facilities, such as homes and industries. Offshore wind farms provide a form of clean, reliable and renewable energy. Mainstream Renewable Power has an extensive track record and expertise in developing offshore wind farms.

Illustration showing how an offshore windfarm works.

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Basking Sharks offshore - background image.


Mainstream are currently carrying out aerial mammal and bird surveys over the site investigation area. If we are successful in obtaining a foreshore licence, we will then commence the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process to understand any impacts on the receiving environment and identify mitigation measures. This process will also involve extensive public consultation.